Tenant Representation

Is real estate all about location, location, location?

When it comes to real estate, does your company face the challenge of finding…
…the space that best presents the image you wish to convey?
…the most efficient amount of space for your operation?
…the best location for your clients and employees?
…the work environment to attract and retain the right employees?
…the terms that allow the flexibility your company needs in a dynamic business environment?

Where you choose to do business can directly impact image, operations, culture, labor availability, and the ever-important bottom line. Not only is there a lot at stake for your company, but the process of obtaining space can be daunting. You may be convinced that your company can dedicate the time, resources, and skills to this undertaking. However, if you are unsure that a “do-it-yourself” approach will produce the most beneficial result, let Ardent take the lead on a process that requires market knowledge, detailed financial analysis, expert negotiation skills, and familiarity with complicated real estate documents.

By retaining an objective professional to evaluate your space options, a real estate transaction becomes an opportunity for your company to realize significant time and cost savings, increased productivity, and other advantages. An Ardent advisor will skillfully navigate the nuances of the market, minimizing your time investment while putting you in a position to make an informed decision. In the meantime, your employees can focus on running the business.

Since real estate is usually among the top three company expenses, it is never too early for us to initiate a space strategy that aligns with your overall business plan.

Regardless of when your next real estate transaction is due to take place, we will work with you now to develop a strategy to ensure your future needs are effectively met.

Is real estate all about location, location, location? Maybe. For some companies it is much more. We will listen to your unique objectives and customize our process to positively impact the factors that are most important to your business.