Client: Coopervision Inc.(CVI)

A leading, publically traded manufacturer of contact lenses with worldwide operations

Situation: Rochester NY is a manufacturing, distribution, and operations hub for the California based parent company, The Cooper Companies. Incremental growth over the past decade resulted in CVI’s local administrative and operation center having inefficient space with staggered lease expirations. With the majority of their 100,000 SF of Class A office space expiring in August 2015, CVI was faced with a difficult decision; explore relocation alternatives against the back drop of a space inability (the portion of their space that doesn’t expire until 2019) or continue to operate in an inefficient, less than optimal environment.

Result: After an exhaustive search and proposal process quarterbacked by Ardent, CVI entered into a 75,000 SF office lease in a building scheduled to deliver in August 2015 on Highpoint Drive in Victor NY. The competitive process engineered by Ardent resulted in the liability of the former space being absorbed by the new Landlord while still securing economics that were very favorable. Overall operating costs were reduced, all “hangover”liability eliminated, and a new, efficient work environment will soon be occupied by over 300 local CVI professionals.